Monday, October 20, 2008

Satkaarya - A 100 can make a difference

I am one of those thousands of IT engineers in India, who have an image in people as those spoiled brats of the society that earn thousands per month easily and live a luxurious life spending a major part of the weekends in malls and multiplexes, pubs and parties. Though I cannot deny the reality that most of the IT junta, do exactly this, there is another side to the coin.

There are people, who have come from a middle class or lower, who know the value of money, who know the realities of life. They want to do something to the society, but rarely make a start due to various reasons. They do not know where to start, they are wary of time and money to be spent. They try to satisfy themselves contributing one day salary to some relief fund or foundation maintained by the company.

While I was in one of such swinging pendulum mood, an event happened in my life opening more questions in my mind. As thoughts were going in all directions, I received this mail from my friend Maheedhar – with the idea of forming a group and collating Rs. 100 each every month and using the fund for a good cause. Like small drops make an ocean, Rs. 100 by each one in a small group can make some decent amount over a few months with some members contributing more than Rs. 100 with open minds. The idea grew stronger and to do things in an organized manner, we formed a registered society, SATKAARYA FOUNDATION.

If you are one of those who want to contribute to the society and are from Hyderabad, here is one of the ways – you can join our group of young IT engineers who think on the same lines. If you are interested, you can either put a comment here or can join our Yahoo group -

Remember, there are meaningul ways of spending Rs. 100 than on a flop movie in multiplex, weekend beers or a few packs of cigarette.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Views about Name, AIMS & BY-LAWS of our charity

Hi Friends,

Please let us know your views about the name SAATKAARYA - good or useful work particularly helpful to many and any other alternates for name.

Also, About AIMS and BY-LAWS. If you want to add more please let us know.

Maheedhar Maddi

Financial help required for a govt school near Mehdipatnam

This is the information I got from one of the members of TMAD charity. You can visit the website to know more details about this charity.

There is a govt school in a slum area near Mehdipatnam, (Ambedkar nagar, Rethibowli). The school has 110 students having 1 to 5 classes. This school caters to the children of the slum and daily wage workers in the nearby areas.

The school has 1 room and 1 small hall for 5 classes. Head Master of the school is finding it hard to manage the school with 1 room and hall. He brought lot of awareness in the slum areas making sure every child is sent to school for education.

Children are really active and you cannot stop yourself from appreciating their performance and activities. I have been there multiple times and always felt the need to do something to the school.

As per the recent update, Under the Govt scheme SSA (Serva shiksha Abhiyan), We got assurance that we can contribute 10 to 20% of the amount SSA will release remaining fund to build few more rooms for the school (in the first floor). Expected amount is around 1Lakh from volunteers. SSA will release around 5 to 6 lakhs once we have 1 lakh contribution.

Monday, August 4, 2008

We are in the process of registering the Trust/society

We are in the process of registering the Trust/society. We need to fill 3 forms and then go for registration. We have to identify at least 11 people as the members of the trust. Please let me know if any one of you interested to be an official member in this trust. If registered or unregistered you all are already members of this trust:). This is just for official notebook work only. All the registered members have to meet at least once in a month and discuss about the future plans etc. On this basis, we need people who can really gather and have discussions on weekends at least once in a month.

We are planning the name of the trust to be something related with 100. Something like "Help many with 100 Every month". We need your suggestions so that we can finalize on something. Please let me know your innovative ideas and names for finalizing the name.

Please find the attached Excel sheet with newly added members list and donations made from 06th Jul – 03rd Aug. The amount we have currently with us is 8166 + 2650 = 10816. We are planning to open the bank account for the trust. We might need to use this amount for that. Once everything is established, we can add more people to the group as everything is transparent. Please let me know if I'm missing anyones donation detail or adding any new member to the list.

Note: Please do mention your name while transferring the money. Last month there was one transaction without name. It would be easy for tracking purpose if you all mention your name while transferring the money.

Please let me know your suggestions/ideas/comments.

Maheedhar Maddi